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Name:: Kevin Tan, Vin, Tan, Kev, Kebin Boi, Shin, Kevie-kun, etc etc..
D.O.B:: 23rd March 1990
Horoscope Sign:: Aries
Chinese Zodiac:: Horse
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School:: Chung Hwa- SRS Datuk Simon Fung- Maktab Nasional- St.George's School- LKW
Hometown:: Kota Kinabalu?
Places I'd like to visit:: I'd love to go around the world if I have the chance.
Loves:: #1 MinMin!, Friends, Food, Drawing, Anime, Reading, Sleeping, Sarcasm, Chatting, Music, Writing, etc..
Fav. Colors:: Silver, Red, Grey, Black, Blue


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Sunday, March 11, 2012

This is farewell..

It's been a long long time since I last blogged. A really long time. I'm pretty sure nobody is going to read this, because I've left this part of the internet so dark nobody ever stops by anymore. Actually, I'm just here to officially close down this blog, part ways with this part of my life, and try to move forward. If you've been reading my entries, then no worries, you won't be missing much.

As some of you (or none of you) may know, I graduated at the end of 2010. That was a sweet period. My girlfriend (now ex, more on that later), came to surprise visit and that was really great. After graduation, took a break and went back to Brunei for a bit. Spent X'mas in KK, attended my cousin's wedding with her, and more importantly my family, and then the usual January to March ordeal (CNY, etc etc).

Landed my first job in March 2011, stayed for 4 months, gave up because I felt like some of the people I was working with were morons, and I'm pretty sure some of them still are. The smarter ones have already left the company. I took a short break to spend time with her when she came over for a vacation (went up to Genting, had a good time) and then immediately after, I found another job to start. Worked there for a month, didn't pass the probation, and moved on. I did learn a lot though.

After that I wandered around aimlessly without much luck in landing a job. And after a while she came over to study here, I assumed it was to be with me as well, but I guess that was my ego speaking. Things were sweet the first few months, nothing seemed like it could go wrong. But after a while, I guess I didn't put in that much effort to show her that I still care, and that I'm thankful that she came here to be with me.

Things unraveled so quickly, I didn't have time to react well. By the end of the year, I landed my 3rd job. Started working and etc. She seemed to have drifted away due to the lack of my presence. In the end, away from my absence, someone else entered the scene, and there was nothing I could do about it. All I can do is blame myself for this in the end. Feel disappointed because we couldn't be more, and we couldn't have done more. I'm mad yes, because I became an option, but I can't stay mad forever.

I suppose in relationships, you can't get too comfortable. You shouldn't stop trying either. Things get stale fast. Things get tiring fast. Arguments escalate, and no matter what, after it's over, things won't go back to the way they were. Someone will be left more damaged than the other, or both will take the blow hard. Always remember that the choices you make can affect someone so much..that you'll change their lives.

I don't think I'll be getting into another relationship so soon..because honestly, I still have feelings for her. I've always entered a relationship prepared to give my all, and now..I've got my all taken away..so I need the time to gain myself back. Find an even ground to stand on, and climb my way back up before I start searching again. But who knows..it could be the calm before a storm..shit could get worst, but things can also get better..I hope it's the latter. But all in all..I miss you, or at least who I thought you were when you were with me.

With that..I'm closing this chapter of my life away. These past 6-7 years have been wonderful. I don't know if you'd remember me next time, but I hope you'll be happy with him. I'm moving forward now. Who knows, maybe I'll start a blog someplace else..but for now, Goodbye. =')

it's 3:05 PM now

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been a while.

For some reason I've kinda lost the mood for blogging. Must be something to do with age. Or maybe I just ran out of words to express myself.

So..what's new? I don't know where to begin.

I graduated from uni. That's one thing.

The exhibition we all dreaded and loved is officially over. It was an enjoyable experience, and I miss all the core members who plowed through the final semester together with me. Wish we could turn back time to that phase.

I moved out of Cyberjaya after 4 years of calling that place my second (or sometimes third) home.

After that I spent Christmas till the first week of January in KK with my girlfriend and family. My cousin got married the first day of January, making her wedding date : 1/1/11. Returned to Brunei shortly after and then returned to KL.

Spent sometime job-hunting and looking for a new place to stay. Took a while but I guess I have a job now. I don't know how long I'll have this job for but I guess I'll hang in there as long as I can.

Right now I'm living with Kev (yeah another Kev) in Sentul, where things are more convenient than they used to be back in Cyber. Access to public transportation (we live next to the LRT station) and plenty of non-halal food around to enjoy.

I spend shitloads of my time now on 3Ds Max, which is hardly any difference from the last two semesters in uni, except now people expect something when I spend hours facing the screen. (Although there are still some fools who think rendering takes less than a second to complete.)

I'm..not fully satisfied at the moment with my life. But from what I can see, almost everyone I know who graduated the same time as me are somewhat in a lost phase. For now, I'll keep at it and see where I end up. Signing off from work.

it's 5:26 PM now

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Results

Probably the last ever e-result slips I'll receive in a long time. Who knows, if things go my way, I'll be taking up that Business Law Degree sooner than I think. Anyways, graduation on the 18th, so congratulations to those who earned their degree with their own strengths, rather than those who chose to step on others to obtain one. I'd say shame on you, but you're gonna get screwed out there anyways.


it's 2:34 PM now

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I realize I have not blogged in about a thousand years. Lately I have been swamped with assignments. Well to compensate I guess I'll post some videos I've worked on for my assignments.

Self Promo Video

Music Video

Exhibition Teaser Trailer

A lot of work. More videos to come. Now I know how movie production teams feel heh. All in all, I really want to get this semester over with..Had to submit my book design yesterday but got rejected cuz of pixelation, so now I need to reprint, RM120. Fuck.

Anyhow, I want to play DS freely and play League of Legends freely grahhhhh. The latest game I have on my DS is Pokemon Black, and even that I have not touched for ages.



If you are in KL around 1st to 5th of December, please drop by Annexe Gallery to attend my class exhibition. For more information, please visit : http://momentus2010.com


it's 3:44 PM now

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A flare of life was put out, just like a candle, about a two days ago. To be honest I feel sorry for the bloke, leaving his life just like that without a choice. The final thoughts of a dying person, I think I can imagine, but I don't know for sure what he was thinking. Thousands of lives fade away every single passing minute of the day, so death isn't as shocking. But that doesn't make death something less depressing than it already is.

We mourn the passing of a soul. But the fact is a thousand souls pass on every single day.

Why is it humans can only appreciate living near death? Life is as unpredictable as death is. When you're out of time, you wish you had more. Wish you had done more. Count your blessings, for we are but mere mortals. Regret now, not later.

I don't know you, even if I do know your name, but rest in peace. I hope your love can find its way to your loved ones even after life.

it's 2:43 AM now

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Epic Fail

(8) - gerald |||| says:
*dam i was betting sean will wake up at 3pm
*its 4:40 and he is still sleeping
≈ Ļoη̉ξredwolƒ ≈ 【心】【-1201-】 ¤~7th ďvŧ×~¤ says:
*hell i woke up early than him
*i slept at 9
(8) - gerald |||| says:
*u ordered food alrdy?
≈ Ļoη̉ξredwolƒ ≈ 【心】【-1201-】 ¤~7th ďvŧ×~¤ says:
*not yet
(8) - gerald |||| says:
*if u do, too bad. cos i was thinking of belanja you makan
*o wait
≈ Ļoη̉ξredwolƒ ≈ 【心】【-1201-】 ¤~7th ďvŧ×~¤ says:
(8) - gerald |||| says:
≈ Ļoη̉ξredwolƒ ≈ 【心】【-1201-】 ¤~7th ďvŧ×~¤ says:
(8) - gerald |||| says:
*damn fail
≈ Ļoη̉ξredwolƒ ≈ 【心】【-1201-】 ¤~7th ďvŧ×~¤ says:
(8) - gerald |||| says:

it's 4:43 PM now

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Idealist vs Realist

Which of these two are you? What are your thoughts on idealism and realism? Do you pursue and dream of things while ignoring all other things, or are you the one who has no dreams and pushes forward through life facing the facts? Aim for the stars and drown in your dreams, or remain grounded without risk?

it's 4:11 AM now